Does Joanna Haigh Believe in Santa?

Joanna Haigh is “professor of atmospheric physics, at Imperial College London”

It sounds quite a prestigious position but they may be lowerong the bar a wee bit.

Joanna compares the peak of extremely low current solar cycle 24 with the value half way up and down solar cycle 23.I won’t be taking anything else she says seriously in future. It’s a nice demonstration of how you can mislead the public while being factually correct though.


Or as Ulric Lyons put it

‘Tosh, it’s tanked again, that’s why it’s cold”


I have to ask does she still believe in Santa and if this is the standard these days at Imperial College any chance I can get a job?

Misleading statements: Prof. Joanna Haigh attempts to fool Telegraph readers about Boris Johnson’s climate views

Piers Corbyns Challenge (see update for 25th Jan)

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