Record March Cold?


Craig M on February 17, 2013 at 10:38 pm
Going on 1882/3 which has been a fair guide:

cold March possibly top ten past 100yrs

I based this on solar cycle 12 some 130 years ago [charts to be added];

EWP, 8 1883(March) A ‘normal’ start to the month (first five days), but as the northerly airstream/[ex-Arctic] set in on the 5th/6th (see below), the weather turned dramatically colder. There were frequent severe frosts, with snow & hail reported throughout the month accompanied by strong gales (occasional further severe gales/see below, especially around the 10th/11th). Eventually, this March, with a CET value of 1.9degC (anomaly ~ -3C) turned out to be in the ‘top 5’ coldest such-named months in the series (from 1659).6th: Northerly gales (F9, isolated F10 / squally) northern half of the British Isles. 23 fishing smacks from Hull were lost, with 135 crew-members dead. Over 70 other vessels were damaged. There was also a severe snowstorm over parts of Scotland (presumably north & east) as the cold air set in. Booty

Another cold March occured 66 years ago in the winter of 1947. [charts to be added]

This is what the ECMWF has for the week ahead. No doubt it will change as will the current Met Office warnings.




The AO tanked
The Little Ice Age came on in a decade or so.

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