March Hale Signature?

On both sides of the Atlantic the unusual cold March looks to continue. 44 years ago:


If the forecast for the rest of March is broadly correct, taking into consideration expected temperature levels, based on the Central England Temperature (CET) measure, March is likely to end up the coldest since 1969, and one of the coldest on record. Paul Hudon BBC Weather ECMWF for Easter Monday


I may relook at these periods but based on a lunar calender month. My last post looks at 1883 which at 130 is not far off the Hale signal of ~22 years for the solar magnetic cycle. 2013 -44 years 1969 2 Hale Cycles – 22 years 1947 3 HC – 64 years 1883 ~6 HC 1837 ~8 HC

“Blizzards began at the end of February and on the 14th March, the weather was still ‘severe’. All through March, the weather is still described as ‘severe’ both as to cold & snow…. The coldest spring (March / April / May) in the entire CET record. March, with a value of 2.3degC (anom. ~-3C) was one of the ‘top-10’ such-named months, whilst April (4.7degC/anom. ~-3.2C) was the coldest April in the entire series. May was also cold (anom. ~-1.3). The overall seasonal mean CET value was 5.6degC, or around -2.5C on the all-series value (and about 3C below the ‘modern-day’ average).

1815 ~10 HC You can figure the cold springs of 1814-16 but the eruption of Tambora throws a curveball into the mix. The signal may dilute further out but what I looked at were the periods for clues… In summary it may well prove a cold overall spring ~-1C. Warmth will come but it may not linger and may struggle to progress further North. The low systems will continue to reach us but the South East should be towards average whilst Northern Scotland may be dry. The EWP series may well be skewed upwards by the wet in more Western areas. Bar a real poke in July of heat confined mainly to Southern areas summer will be distinctly average overall but better than last year by hopefully not being as wet. There may be floods however from extreme downpours possible in the Thames Valley. I see an early brutal start to winter with frosts possible in London in September – even early. The overall winter may fade in intensity but should remain cool with snow but not a country wide event. This does not exclude a 1-2 week big freeze outside of the initial opening salvo which I see early November. Winter has shown she is not shrinking but growing and it has nothing to do with man. Be It may sound extreme but CET has been running below/on average since April. The high spikes will come but less so as time goes on.