May 2012 Joe B on Winter 2012/13

I’ll track down Joe’s actual comments but I wrote this at the time…

17 May 2012, Craig M wrote:

The sun is out but it doesn’t feel like it! Joe B calling for another cold winter – I wouldn’t bet against it! In LIA it didn’t come just in one or two years like the Met O seem to think. Did the warm summers just come in 1’s & 2’s? Thought not!

2013 An Active East Coast Hurricaine Season

Mark Vogan suggested this could be an more active season.

Eye balling the charts (see Paul Homewood article linked below) the 50s seemed comparable reminding me of Joe Bastardi’s thoughts over the past few years. The current Weatherbell Hurricaine forecast for 2013 goes with this as well

March 30, 2013
A wild season is on the way, and the “major hit drought” on the US coast should end. In fact, multiple major hits are likely this year with the cold PDO, warm AMO decadal signal favoring the East Coast, as in the 1950s.

Worth remembering when we get the Frankenstorm/CO2 caused it in the coming months.

h/t Paul Homewood