Abnormally Drenched

In the UK the Met Office predicted a drought last year shortly followed by the ‘wettest drought on record’. Good to see our American cousins are following suit 😉

Real Science

The Washington DC based US Drought Monitor has finally upgraded Fort Collins from “Severe Drought” to”Abnormally Dry

Conditions here are the wettest I have ever seen. The snow and rain has been almost continuous for the past two months, and everything is mud. No chance of a lunchtime ride today, as we are getting slammed with pouring rain and hail.

ScreenHunter_55 May. 09 12.07

US Drought Monitor

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Coldest Spring On Record (So Far) In The US

Cold is the new warm.

Real Science

Last March-May was the warmest on record in the US, and this March-May is the coldest on record (so far.)

Average temperatures will likely rise through the end of the month, so these numbers will change somewhat.

ScreenHunter_57 May. 09 13.43

The alarmist community blamed last year’s warm spring on global warming, so I guess we will have to blame this year’s cold on global cooling.

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Peter Lilley MP: “If we give in to the green lobby, Britain will drift into an energy crisis”

My biggest concern with Big Oil was the humanitarian cost in destabalising other countries and the inevitable blowback from supporting despots over democracy. Big Green obviously couldn’t care less and would happily apply the same tyranny at home as long as it suits their agenda. Frack, frack away!

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Cracking comment from Peter Lilley MP in the Spectator:

frackingThe scandal of official reluctance to develop Britain’s shale gas potential is at last beginning to surface. It may prove to be the dress rehearsal for the ultimate drama — the inexorable collapse of our whole energy strategy.

Most of us have by now heard about the US shale gas revolution. In little more than six years, shale gas has reduced America’s gas prices to a third of what they are in Europe, increased huge tax revenues, rebalanced the economy, created tens of thousands of jobs, brought industry and manufacturing back to the country’s heartlands, and given rise to a real prospect of American energy self-sufficiency by 2030.

Britain may well have comparable shale resources. Indeed, the Bowman shale in Lancashire is a mile thick, whereas most US shale plays are just 300 to 500 feet thick — a strangely unpublicised…

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