The Food Hockey Stick


Figure 1 Portrait View

Cumulative [Wheat] imports for Jul-Mar stand at 2.12Mt, more than three times the level seen in the same period last season.Europe has been the main source of imports with more than 734Kt coming from Germany alone in the Jul-Mar period…The large increase in imports this season comes following the poor quality of the 2012 harvest. Imports are also likely to feature at elevated levels next season due to reduced wheat plantings. However, the type of imports required will be dependent on the quality of the UK harvest this year. HGCA

That last bit is quite scary. So I ran the numbers forward three months.


Just for fun 2013 estimated Portrait View

It’s worse than we thought!
A less alarming view.

Figure 3 Landscape View

Data here

The Icy Nenana River

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The last time I was in Alaska, I had the good fortune to stop by the town of Nenana, home of the Nenana River Ice Classic. Nenana sits at the junction of the Tanana and Nenana Rivers. The dates of the ice breakup at Nenana form one of the longest-term modern temperature proxies in the area, extending back unbroken to 1917. Figure 1 shows my photo of the tripod which is set out on the ice to determine the exact tim of the breakup.

nenana ice classicFigure 1. The tower and the tripod. The tripod is placed out on the ice before the breakup. When the ice breaks up, the tripod falls, tripping the clock. These days the tripod is actually a quadripod, or perhaps a quadruped.

Every year people pay money to bet on the exact time of the breakup, with the winner taking the pot. At…

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