The Green Jobs Myth


By Paul Homewood





We often hear that the transition to a low carbon economy will create millions of green jobs. In his 2008 campaign, Obama boasted how he would create 5 million new green jobs. And over here in the UK in 2009, Peter Mandelson claimed that his “Low Carbon Industrial Strategy” would create 400,000 green jobs within 8 years.

Leaving aside the not inconsiderable problem of how many jobs would also be lost as a result of higher energy costs, I thought I would ask the Department of Energy and Climate Change for an analysis of green jobs in the UK. The latest figures available are for 2010/11, and the first year monitored was 2008/9, so we have a picture of how many jobs have been created over two years. The full breakdown is in the Appendix, but the salient points are listed below.

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