Met Office: UHI and Hottest day at Heathrow [2013]

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The dear Met Office have been pushing over the past few days about HOTTEST EVER THIS YEAR. Face it Met Office, enjoying life does not involve screaming or fear unless you are a kid.

Current 2013 UK maximum temperature confirmed

The current 2013 UK maximum temperature was recorded on Saturday 13 July, with 31.4 C at Heathrow. Wales also saw its highest 2013 temperature with 30.2 C at Llysdinam. The previous maximum of 29.9 C from Monday 8 July, at Edenfel, remains the current highest for Northern Ireland. Scotland saw its highest 2013 temperature on Tuesday 9 July, with 28.7 C at Strathallen Airfield. Issued at 2319 on Sat 13 Jul 2013.

Heathrow like most temperature breakers is a defective site. How about fixing it?

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