Newsbytes: Sun’s Bizarre Activity May Trigger Another Little Ice Age (Or Not)

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From the GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser

“Weakest Solar Cycle In Almost 200 Years”

The sun is acting bizarrely and scientists have no idea why. Solar activity is in gradual decline, a change from the norm which in the past triggered a 300-year-long mini ice age. We are supposed to be at a peak of activity, at solar maximum. The current situation, however, is outside the norm and the number of sunspots seems in steady decline. The sun was undergoing “bizarre behaviour” said Dr Craig DeForest of the society. “It is the smallest solar maximum we have seen in 100 years,” said Dr David Hathaway of Nasa. –Dick Ahlstrom, The Irish Times, 12 July 2013

Illustration mapping the steady decline in sunspot activity over the last two solar cycles with predicted figures for the current cycle 24

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Central Park in USHCNv2.5 (October 2012) magically becomes cooler in July in the Dust Bowl years

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By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM

Remember this story long ago on New York’s Central Park multiple very different data sets to which Steve McIntyre responded here. McIntyre wrote then:

…has the temperature of New York City increased in the past 50 years? Figure 1 below is excerpted from their note, about which they observed.

Note the adjustment was a significant one (a cooling exceeding 6 degrees from the mid 1950s to the mid 1990s.) Then inexplicably the adjustment diminished to less than 2 degrees …The result is what was a flat trend for the past 50 years became one with an accelerated warming in the past 20 years. It is not clear what changes in the metropolitan area occurred in the last 20 years to warrant a major adjustment to the adjustment. The park has remained the same and there has not been a population decline but a spurt in…

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How Good Are Met Office Predictions? (Now Includes at Least May Data)

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Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts

“We are now using the system to predict changes out to 2014. By the end of this period, the global average temperature is expected to have risen by around 0.3 °C compared to 2004, and half of the years after 2009 are predicted to be hotter than the current record hot year, 1998.” Met Office Hadley Centre 2007

“The Met Office Hadley Centre has the highest concentration of absolutely outstanding people who do absolutely outstanding work, spanning the breadth of modelling, attribution, and data analysis, of anywhere in the world.” Dr Susan Solomon, Co Chair IPCC AR4 WGI

So let us see how “absolutely outstanding” the Met Office Hadley Centre’s 2007 prediction is turning out.

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