Cyclomania Denial?

The IPCC, in painful contrast to Dr. Scafetta, only justifies its continued existence if it continues to produce blood-curdling reports regardless of what is not happening in the real world. Yvo de Boer, who was until recently in charge of that clattering train, came out a few days ago with a statement that the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC will be really, really scary. It is that vicious and calculated exploitation of ordinary people’s fears for the sake of personal and political profit that we should vigorously condemn until its perpetrators have been flung from office…

Lord Moncton of Bletchley

The Solar Lunar Action Technique of Piers Corbyn uses predictable cycles for forecasts many months in advance. A cycles analysis is also much favoured over at TallBloke’s Talkshop, who have a truce with WUWT by virtue of a mutual interest in surface station analysis.

Anthony Watts on July 23, 2013 at 7:06 am
For the record, I was aware of Dr. Scaffetta’s latest paper several days ago. I chose not to run it because like Willis, I saw the seeds of cyclomania in it. Dr. Scafetta’s motives are noble, but his methods are the issue.

It is tempting to find cycles in data, the human mind looks for such patterns naturally, just as we see shapes in clouds. Certainly there’s nothing wrong with either, but as with predicting what the next cloud will look like based on previous cloud patterns (bunny, dog, bird, flower, angel) so it is equally difficult to predict the next climate pattern based on previous ones.

As the tide is turning against man made warming, so to could ‘cycle denial’.

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