Atmospheric Rivers of the Jetstream

Atmospheric rivers set to increase UK winter flooding

The theory is that CO2 can describe any existent climate phenomena. You would honestly think that these things never happened before…almost.

climatereason on July 23, 2013 at 11:38 pm

I do wish academics would look at history before making their pronouncements.The UK is currently in a highly benign climatic period. The weather was FAR worse prior to 1850 and more especially in the LIA periods1228 inundations of rivers in Dec Jan and Feb –in Worcester- such that no one then living had ever seen the like in their time1229 severe winter ‘unusually bitter, waters so frozen horsemen could cross upon the ice, great snow afterwards earth covered for several days.’1231 March to October hardly any rain anywhere in England-great drought1233 wet summer from 23 March with great inundations of rain through the whole summer destroying warrens and washed away the ponds and mills throughout almost all England. Water formed into lakes in middle of the crops where the fishes of the rivers were seen to great astonishment and mills were standing in various places they had never before been seen.1233-1234 severe frost from Christmas 1233 to Feb 2 1234 destroying roots of trees to four foot down then rest of year very unseasonable1234 third unseasonable yearWet weather in autumn choked the seed and loosened it.1236 great floods in Jan, Feb and part of March that no one had seen the like before. Bridges submerged, fords impassable, mills and ponds overwhelmed and sown land meadows and marshes covered. Thames flooded palace of Westminster so small boat could be navigated in the midst of the forecourt. And folk went to their bed chambers on horsebackFollowed by dry summer with intolerable heat that all lasted four months. Deep pools and ponds were dried up and water mils useless.1237 great rains in February, fords and roads impassable for 8 successive daysTurbulent year stormy and unsettled1238 great floods in many parts probably DecemberCloudy and rainy in beginning until spring had passed then the drought and heat were beyond measure and custom in two or more of the summer months. Great deluge of rain in the autumn that straw and grain became rotten and an unnatural autumn which is held to be a cold and dry season gave rise to various fatal diseases.1239 very wet weather continually from Jan to March, it has continued for four months without intermission.