Tim Ball Adaptation to change in nature is far greater than current thinking allows.


The Climate Pendulum

Yet another study which assumes a warming world is featured over at WUWT.

In a rare opportunity to directly compare plant communities in the same area now with a survey taken 50 years ago, a University of Arizona-led research team has provided the first on-the-ground evidence that Southwestern plants are being pushed to higher elevations by an increasingly warmer and drier climate.

It is worth noting at this point, that “the continued warming stagnation over fifteen year, from 1998 -2012, is no longer consistent with model projections even at the 2% confidence level which highlights the assumptions in this study;

“If climate continues to warm, as the climate models predict, the subalpine mixed conifer forests on the tops of the mountains – and the animals dependent upon them – could be pushed right off the top and disappear.”

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