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By Paul Homewood


In the news this week has been a paper by Yu Kosaka and Shang-Ping Xie, “ Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial Pacific surface cooling”.

The paper has been well covered by WUWT, and essentially claims that the recent halt in global warming has been due to natural factors. As the abstract quotes:-


Our results show that the current hiatus is part of natural climate variability, tied specifically to a La-Niña-like decadal cooling. Although similar decadal hiatus events may occur in the future, the multi-decadal warming trend is very likely to continue with greenhouse gas increase.


Most are aware, but just to recap, global temperatures tend to rise during El Nino periods, and drop with La Nina conditions. Although these events can alternate from year to year, over the longer term there are periods when one or the other dominate, as can…

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Met Office provisional summer weather report for UK

Thanks Tim.

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Short stalk wheat ready for harvest 27th Aug 2013 at 725 ft asl central southern England. 51.352847° -1.472144° Photo (c)2013 Tim Channon
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The UK Met Office released a “provisional” report Friday evening (30th Aug 2013), ie. before the weekend. The media will wait for finals, no other source for Met Office statements.

30 August 2013 – Provisional Met Office statistics for this summer (June, July and August) show that this year has seen the warmest, driest and sunniest summer since 2006.

Nothing is going to change, still strikes me as peculiar and especially after asking the press office when a prior provisional was going to be formalised: answer, we won’t.

The web press release follows: –

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