Brief Indian Summer–But 10F Cooler Than 1906!


By Paul Homewood




As forecast a few days ago, the Indian summer arrived and has departed, at least in these parts. (It’s cold and wet today in Yorkshire).


The ever sensible Paul Hudson, however, points out that the hottest September temperature ever recorded in the UK was 35.6C in 1906!

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Indian Droughts Declined As World Warmed


By Paul Homewood


h/t Real Science




Much has been written about the “ice age scare” of the 1970’s. But what is clear is that the northern hemisphere had spent three decades getting much colder, and, as the above NCAR report makes clear, the polar ice cap had grown much larger. Many extreme weather events had been connected to these two facts, and one of these was drought in India.

HH Lamb wrote in his book “Climate: Present, Past & Future


In those parts of N and NW India, near the limit reached by the summer monsoon, Bryson (1973) has noted a corresponding effect, scarcely less threatening to the inhabitants than the 6 year drought from 1968-73 in the West African Sahel.

In the first quarter of the century, there was a severe drought in N and NW India every 3rd or 4th year…

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Jaxa Version 2 – Make The Low Even Lower (and the Great Big Con continues)

sunshine hours

UPDATE: All the graphs are here.

Jaxa is one of the other sea ice monitoring agencies. They just came out with a version 2 of their data.

I thought … why not graph the difference between version 1 and version 2 for 2013.

Red = Version 2 Lower Than Version 1

Blue = Version 2 Higher Than Version 1

Guess what the following graph shows? It makes the minimum dramatically lower (400,000 sq km lower) and the maximum higher so the minimum looks even worse when graphed.

For shame.

Jaxa 2013 Difference v2 minus v1

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