1975 : Climatologists Wanted To Melt The North Pole – To Keep The Earth From Freezing

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Note that this super cold period from 1975 is now understood by climatologists to have been a super hot period, thanks to pioneering work done at Penn State University.

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People in 1975 just weren’t intelligent enough to know if they were hot or cold.

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Chicken Little Insurance


By Paul Homewood





There’s a good article from Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post.


Insurance is the last refuge of the global warming true believer

Climate change models that claim the world will suffer great harm in future are “close to useless,” pronounces a prestigious new study by Robert S. Pindyck, a physicist, engineer, professor of Economics and Finance at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and true believer in perils from global warming. Pindyck is speaking of the gold standard in climate change models — Integrated Assessment Models (IAM), which combine data from both climate models and economic models.

“I couldn’t agree more,” says Tom Rand of Toronto’s MaRS group, another true believer. He has dedicated a chapter in an upcoming book to “eviscerating” the same models that Pindyck shreds. “The IAM models are garbage.”

So what, says Connie Hedegaard, the EU’s Commissioner for Climate Action…

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