The Oceans are Not More Acidic Now Than in the Past 300 Million Years

Sadly a reflection of journalism by press release, compounded by retweeting. Kudos to Nature Geoscience for correcting, wouldn’t expect the Guardian to follow suit.
Thank you. 🙂

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…despite what the Guardian says.Update:…as the Guardian now agrees.

[Update: 9 Oct 2013 13.01 pm:The headline and first paragraph of the article have now been changed following email correspondence between Fiona Harvey and me. Credit to Fiona and the Guardian for this response. The links now lead to the updated version which can be compared with the screenshot below. Further update: See also for a side-by-side comparison.]

Fiona Harvey’s article in the Guardian on 3 October 2013 Ocean acidification due to carbon emissions is at highest for 300m years misrepresents the scientific literature. This error has propagated across the Twittersphere.

(H/T Latimer Alder for the tweet that alerted me to this article)

Harvey wrote (my emphasis)

‘The oceans are more acidic now than they have been for at least 300m years, due to carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, and a mass…

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Lunacy: A Correlation between Health and Solar and Lunar Activity

Over at the WeatherAction blog discussions often pop up about possible effects of solar and lunar activity on human health – a correlation often dismissed in the Western mainstream. Russ commented

solar activity also has an effect on people with angina, apparently increasing the severity of attacks. I’ve noticed that when my son and I have migraines and find an uptick in solar activity, that my aged mum has bad days too with foggy head, lethargy and often angina. When solar activity remains low for many days she is firing on all cylinders and actually looks better in herself. I monitor this constantly and see the changes on a weekly basis. A bad attack and a night in hospital for tests followed last Sundays big flare. Coincidence? I guess no one is studying this phenomenon because they would be labelled a crank, an astrologer, a science denier or some other personal attack to discredit them, otherwise the sun would gain credence as an important trigger for health changes and social unrest.

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