Met’s Supercomputer Predicts Storm (That The Daily Express Forecast Two Days Earlier)


By Paul Homewood




According to the Telegraph:


The Met Office’s £30million supercomputer was able to predict the size and path of the St Jude’s Day storm four days before it had formed by using calculations from millions of sites around the world to simulate the weather.

The IBM machine, which is capable of 100 trillion calculations a second, predicted the storm after spotting two areas of turbulent weather over Canada and the United States which met in the western Atlantic forming one large low pressure system.


This is all very strange, because Jonathan Powell, of Vantage Weather Services was forecasting the “storm of the century” on Tuesday, 22nd October, which was six days before the storm hit. I was critical at the time, as the Daily Express report was clearly overhyped. Nevertheless, they got the basics right:


Jonathan Powell, forecaster for V­antage Weather Services…

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