Little Ice Age Coldest Period For 10,000 Years In Norway


By Paul Homewood


We already have plenty of evidence from Greenland ice cores that the LIA was the coldest point since the ice age ended, for instance here.

Now scientists in Norway have found exactly the same there.

From the NIPCC:-


Bakke, J., Trachsel, M., Kvisvik, B.C., Nesje, A. and Lysa, A. 2013. Numerical analyses of a multi-proxy data set from a distal glacier-fed lake, Sorsendalsvatn, western Norway. Quaternary Science Reviews 73: 182-195.

Working with what they describe as a lacustrine sediment record derived from three c. 3.5-m-long sediment cores recovered from the distal glacier-fed lake Nedre Sorsendalsvatn located 35 km inland from the coast downstream of Blabreen in Nordfjord, western Norway, Bakke et al. (2013) developed a Holocene record of glacier variability based on a multi-proxy data set consisting of sedimentological, physical and geochemical data.

Bakke et al. report that their reconstruction accords with "glacier…

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