Behind the SKS Curtain

Climate Audit

As a preamble and reprise, I think that it is reasonable for Cowtan and Way to take exception with HadCRU’s failure to estimate temperature in Arctic gridcells and to propose methods for estimating this temperature. At a time when the climate community argued that differences between the major indices and accessibility to CRU data didn’t “matter”, I thought that both mattered. One of the reasons for transparency in CRU data and methods was so that interested parties could carry out their own assessments, as Cowtan and Way have done. They have diagnosed a downward bias in recent HadCRU results. On previous occasions, I’ve observed that the community is more alert to errors that go the “wrong way” than to errors that go the “right way” and this opinion remains unchanged. As noted in my previous post, it doesn’t appear to me that their slight upward revision in temperature estimates has…

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Nishinoshimas and the birth of a new Island


If I am counting right this will be the birth of the fourth island in under two years. Two in Jebel Al-Zubair, one in Indonesia (that I for the life of me can’t remember the name of) and now Nishinoshima is in the process of birthing its second island in 40 years. It is also interesting that it takes place within a week of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Surtsey.

But first off, it is not the volcanic caldera island of Nishinoshima that is erupting, it is the volcanic caldera island of Nishinoshima that is erupting! Confused? Me too!

The non-erupting Nishinoshima is a part of the Oki Islands in the Korea Sea, that Nishinoshima is part of a Somma volcano that used to be a massive stratovolcano, beside it is the remnant of the Dogojima stratovolcano. Both the destroyed Somma-volcano and the Dogojima is situated within yet…

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