7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes South Atlantic: strongest to ever hit region

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South Atlantic 7.0
November 25, 2013SOUTH ATLANTICA magnitude-7.0earthquake has struck in the South Atlantic, southeast of the disputed Falkland Islands, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). It says the quake struck at 2-27 a.m. on Monday (0627 GMT), about 195 miles southeast of the Falklands’ capital, Stanley, and 545 miles east of Ushuaia, Argentina. The depth was a shallow 6.2 miles. The Falklands are a British territory that is claimed by Argentina. The USGS says the quake followed four others that all measured more than 5.0, over a two-hour period leading up to the big quake. It says such quakes are uncommon in the region. Only 15 quakes of more than magnitude 5.0 had been measured in the region in the previous 40 years. –The Hindu

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Comet Ison: Could a break up pose a threat to Earth?

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Comet Ison makes solar approach on Thursday, passing a mere 720,000 miles from the solar surface. It’ll get hot. This could cause a break-up, with fragments then heading on as yet unpredictable trajectories. Could this pose a threat to Earth? Stuart Clark at the Guardian has the following obs:

Comet-011If it survives an encounter with the sun this week, comet Ison will put on an impressive early morning display in the run-up to Christmas. But anyone hoping for a Bethlehem-style celestial sign on the big day will be disappointed. By then the comet will probably be too faint to see with a naked eye.

Ison is currently speeding towards a fiery encounter on Thursday, which could destroy it. It will pass 720,000 miles above the solar surface, 130 times closer than our planet ever reaches.

The intense sunlight will heat the comet to about 2,700C, speeding up its evaporation. In…

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Michael Kelly: The CRU Mails – anatomy of Climategate

The Arab proverb ‘My brother and I against my cousin ; my cousin and I against the stranger’ comes to mind as does Blackadder teling Baldrick to deny everything. I know if I had engaged in such behaviour at work I’d be at Her Majesties pleasure (us mortals not being afforded a get out of jail card).

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Hat tip to Geoff Chambers and Tom Nelson for alerting us to this gem hidden away on archive.org. A the beginnings of  plot for a film about the Climategate emailS plus background research by Michael Kelly. It’s very long, and I’m reblogging it here so it doesn’t get lost. Dip in and enjoy.

PDF of this article with external links is here (320k)

The CRU Mails
by Michael Kelly

yamal-larchLike an Aristophanes satire, like Hamlet, it opens with two slaves, spear-carriers, little people. Footsoldiers of history, two researchers in a corrupt and impoverished mid-90s Russia schlep through the tundra to take core samples from trees at the behest of the bigger fish in far-off East Anglia. Stepan and Rashit don’t even have their own e-mail address and like characters in some absurdist comedy must pass jointly under the name of Tatiana M. Dedkova. Conscientious and obliging, they strike a human…

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