Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave ….. Arctic Ice Data Found!!! Confirms Steve Goddard’s Info

This variation is worse than we thought! Thanks

suyts space


Finally!!!!  This has been frustrating for me.  I once found some ice date going back to 1973.  This was a couple of years ago.  I hadn’t been able to locate it since.  I was looking for something different at the time, so I didn’t mark it. 

Readers of Steve’s Real Science will know that periodically he writes posts regarding the Arctic Sea ice prior to the 1978-1979 starting point most people see, because that’s what our public servant scientists always shows us.  Here’s a recent post of Steve’s in this regard.  And, here’s a graphic that he often uses, which is from the 1995 IPCC report.


But, I’ve always wanted some hard numbers to back that up.  Remembering that I once saw said data, but, couldn’t find it again, has bothered me for a long time.  It’s been said, if you lose something, start doing what you were…

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