Wind Chill and How it Can Affect You


Wind chill is a measure of the combined effects of wind and temperature.  Temperature alone does not give a true indication of the impact of cold.  The human body loses heat through convection, evaporation, conduction, and radiation.  Wind chill has a direct affect on convection.  As your body surface heats the air around it, it forms an insulating layer of warm air against the surface.  Moving air or wind disrupts this layer, allowing for new, cooler air to replace the warm air against the surface.  The faster the wind speed, the quicker you lose heat and the faster the surface cools.

A wind chill chart will show you the affect that wind can have upon the human body and how fast it can cause you to lose heat.  As you will see from the following chart, it makes a big difference.wind chill

If wind chill is a problem, get out of the…

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