Biggest PBS stories of 2013 involved polar bear experts fudging data


The two top posts I published this year had one thing in common – they exposed polar bear researchers dodging full disclosure of scientific information in a way that outraged a lot of people. These two posts still draw a regular crowd of readers.

#1. “Global population of polar bears has increased by 2,650-5,700 since 2001” (published July 15, 2013) – 8,786 views as of December 30.

#2. “Ian Stirling’s latest howler: the polar bear who died of climate change” (August 7, 2013) – 7,872 views as of December 30.

[Note that #3 was the summary essay, “Ten good reasons not to worry about polar bears” (February 26, 2013), at 5,491 views. Dr. Matt Ridley wrote a foreword introducing that essay (“We should be listening to Susan Crockford”) that appeared in Canada’s Financial Post]

On this last day of the year…

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Huhne Says The West Must Pay

Huhne is a convicted liar with his nose firmly in the trough and with a vested interest in continued lying for his livelihood. But more to the point they should be suing because of global cooling 1975 During cooler climatic periods, however, the high-altitude winds are broken up into irregular cells by weaker and more plentiful pressure centers, causing formation of a “meridional circulation” pattern. These small, weak cells may stagnate over vast areas for many months, bringing unseasonably cold weather on one side and unseasonably warm weather on the other. Droughts and floods become more frequent and may alternate season to season, as they did last year in India. Thus, while the hemisphere as a whole is cooler, individual areas may alternately break temperature and precipitation records at both extremes.If global temperatures should fall even further, the effects could be considerably more drastic.


By Paul Homewood




The criminal Huhne thinks it a good idea if developed countries are sued for climate change. He uses the example of the Sahel drought to make his point.


Would you enjoy the cosiness and warmth of Christmas with your children or grandchildren just that little bit less if you knew that other people’s children were dying because of it? More than four million children under five years old are now at risk of acute malnutrition in the Sahel, an area of the world that is one of the clearest victims of the rich world’s addiction to fossil fuels.

About 18 million people in the Sahel – the vulnerable pan-African strip of land that runs from Senegal to Sudan along the southern edge of the Sahara – faced famine last year. Life has never been easy there. Its land is poor. Its people are…

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Satellite Images: Blast from San Miguel Volcano


Blast from San Miguel Volcano

acquired December 29, 2013                                 download large image (585 KB, JPEG, 1800×1400)
acquired December 29, 2013                                 download  GeoTIFF file (3 MB, TIFF)

An explosion at El Salvador’s San Miguel (also known as Chaparrastique) Volcano lofted ash more than 71 kilometers (44 miles) downwind on December 29, 2013. Volcanologist Francisco Barahona, quoted by, suggested that the blast was caused by the interaction of water and hot magma within the volcano. However, the strength of the eruption and high concentrations of sulfur dioxide (a volcanic gas) measured by NASA’s Ozone Monitoring Instrument indicated that some fresh lava was involved. reported that the eruption subsided within 24 hours. Additional satellite imagery from December 30 confirmed that San Miguel was quiet.

This natural-color satellite image was acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the Aqua satellite. – Earth Observatory

  1. References

  2. Carn, Simon (2013, December 30) Private communication.
  3. (2013, December…

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Global Warming Goes South


Global Warming Goes South

2013 has proved to be an unlucky year for the passengers wallowing in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming gravy boat.

Mother Nature has [yet again] demonstrated that Global Warming has Gone South.

Go South

Evidently, the “science case” for “warming” and “climate change” is proving “difficult to predict”.

The little explored subantarctic islands in the Southern Ocean have experienced some of the most significant warming.

The response of the rich biodiversity in the region to change remains a major area of research, particularly because many of the plants and animals found on and around the islands are subject to numerous pressures.

The region is a complex and finely balanced system, with some of the islands still recovering from industrial-scale hunting of whales, seals and penguins.

Add climate change into the mixture and the future remains difficult to predict.

This is hardly surprising because there is no scientific case that…

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Is The Xue Long Trapped Now?


By Paul Homewood





There are now reports that the Chinese icebreaker, Xue Long, may be stuck in the ice. The BBC report:


A rescue mission for a ship stuck in ice in Antarctica is under threat as reports have emerged that one of the assisting vessels may itself be stuck.

Fifty-two passengers and four crew members were due to be evacuated by helicopter from China’s Xue Long ship as soon as conditions allowed.

However, the Xue Long has barely moved in a day and may be stuck in the ice.

The research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy has been trapped for nearly a week with 74 scientists, tourists and crew.

The ship is stocked with food and is in no danger, the team on board says.

The planned air evacuation required that the two icebreakers in the immediate area – the Xue Long and the Australian Aurora…

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Earth Extremities

Flood Alert Issued For Bridlington To Barmston Coastline, UK
Flood Alert

The Environment Agency have today put a flood alert in place for Bridlington Harbour.

This alert is in force for the high tide this afternoon between 12 noon and 6pm, and for the early morning tomorrow between 1am and 6:30am.

This is because of onshore wind and waves that will cause spray over both north pier and south pier.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

Strong southerly winds are expected to veer westerly this afternoon and increase further, with gales likely inland and severe gales possible across exposed coasts and hills.

The public should be aware of the potential for difficult driving conditions and some minor disruption.

A deep area of low pressure is expected to track northeastwards across the Irish Sea and then northern England during Monday afternoon. There is some uncertainty…

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Kamchatka volcanoes rocked by ash plume eruptions

The Extinction Protocol

December 28, 2013 – KAMCHATKAActivity has picked up at Kizimen volcano again. An ash plume was reported this morning by VAAC Tokyo to 17,000 ft (5 km) altitude extending north. Webcam images show a significant steam plume which possibly contains ash. This suggests that the lava dome might be entering a new phase of growth. KVERT still maintains the volcano at status “Green” (normal).
Strombolian to mild vulcanian explosions continues at Karymsky volcano. VAAC Tokyo reported an ash plume at 15,000 ft (4,5 km) altitude drifting NW this morning. –Volcano Discovery

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