Study predicts the sun is headed for a Dalton-like solar minimum around 2050

Watts Up With That?

Method uses the Ap geomagnetic index, which has been in a slump since October 2005:

The Hockey Schtick tips us to a paper published today in Advances in Space Research predicts that if the current lull in solar activity “endures in the 21st century the Sun shall enter a Dalton-like grand minimum. It was a period of global cooling.”

The graph they produced with the paper:

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Govt: We’ll cut number of households in fuel poverty by a million – by redefining fuel poverty

‘fuel crucifixion is a doddle’ says the old man in fuel chains 😀 (Python reference)

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Paul Homewood and I spotted this one coming a number of weeks ago. The mainstream media is now picking up the story. I suggest people consider voting for the only party with a sensible energy policy. This from the Independent:

fuel-povertyCurrently, fuel poverty refers to those households that need to spend more than 10 per cent of their income on fuel “to maintain an adequate level of warmth”. But under the new definition, contained in the Government’s forthcoming Energy Bill, which could be passed by the end of the year, it will apply only to households which need to spend more than average on fuel to keep warm and who would be left with “a residual income below the official poverty line” if they did.

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