Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Record For November


By Paul Homewood








Antarctic sea ice extent continues to set new records, with average extent in November 0.9 million sq km above the long term average.


Ice area also remains well above normal, where it has been for most of the last decade.




Finally, global sea ice area is close to 1 million sq km above the 1979-2008 mean. It is indeed remarkable just how “normal” global sea ice has been throughout this year, bobbing up and down around the mean.




The pack ice is so unusually extensive and severe, that the Australian Antarctic supply vessel, the icebreaker Aurora Australis, was trapped in the ice, after leaving Davis Station.

It was originally due back in Hobart on Nov 16th, but it is now due to dock on Dec 7th.

The delay will mean…

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Cosmic Ray Blues – Lunar Luminosity


Lunar Luminosity

Albedo is a reflection coefficient ranging from zero to one.

Albedo, or reflection coefficient, derived from Latin albedo “whiteness” (or reflected sunlight) in turn from albus “white,” is the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface.

It is the ratio of reflected radiation from the surface to incident radiation upon it.

Its dimensionless nature lets it be expressed as a percentage and is measured on a scale from zero for no reflection of a perfectly black surface to 1 for perfect reflection of a white surface.


Asteroid 433 Eros, for example, is quite dark with an albedo of 0.25.

Asteriod 433 Eros

The Moon is darker than 433 Eros with an albedo of around 0.12 or 0.136 [depending upon source].

The overall albedo of the Moon is around 0.12, but it is strongly directional and non-Lambertian, displaying also a strong opposition effect.

While such reflectance properties are different from…

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Giant Convection Cells Found on the Sun

Watts Up With That?

NASA’s Dr. David Hathaway has just published a new paper, and it has advanced solar science. He’s found something they’ve been looking for a long time; long lived convection cells. Massive, long-lasting plasma flows 15 times the diameter of Earth transport heat from the sun’s depths to its surface, according to a study in the Dec. 6 Science. The finding supports a decades-old explanation of why the sun rotates fastest at its equator.

Convection motions within the Sun transport heat from its interior to its surface. The hot regions are seen as granular (∼1000 kilometers across) and supergranular (∼30,000 kilometers across) cells in the Sun. Using data from the Helioseismic Magnetic Imager on the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Hathaway et al. (p. 1217) found evidence for even larger cells that have long been predicted by theory but not unambiguously detected. The flows associated with these giant cells transport angular…

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More Alarmist Drivel

There is a wealth of evidence that the UK and the rest of northern Europe were much stormier during the Little Ice Age, (when, surprise surprise, it was COLDER than now).
Exactly! But trying to tell the witch finder general that – when his job depends on finding witches – may lead to you being dipped in the river.
Another shameless example from the ambulance chasing climate vultures.


By Paul Homewood





But don’t blame the Daily Star, it’s Sir Brian Heap and our friends at the European Academies Science Advisory Council again who are coming out with this nonsense.


Many people could die as extreme weather becomes common.

There will be more freak winds like the October storm, which killed four people.

Heatwaves will be lethal and the sea level will rise, leaving coastal towns at risk of being swamped by storm surges.

Sir Brian Heap, president of the European Academies Science Advisory Council, said he felt “obliged” to issue the warning after a new study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

He even gets in a mention of the Philippine typhoon.


It comes on the back of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, which has killed more than 5,000 people.

Sir Brian said: “Given the tragic events this year in…

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That Silly Coal Speech – Part 2

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

In the National Post today I argue that the extreme anti-coal stance of UN officials and green activists harms both people and the environment.

Last week, I discussed how Christiana Figueres, a UN official, tried to misuse a recent UN climate report. In her words, the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change findings demonstrate that “the science is clear.”

She insists, quelle surprise, that this science represents “a clarion call” for just the kind of action UN officials have been advocating since the 1992 Earth Summit (which gave us the international treaty known as the UNFCCC).

Today the Financial Post (the business section of the National Post newspaper) has published my larger analysis of Figueres’ speech to the World Coal Association. It’s titled UN’s war on coal threatens environmental progress in world’s desperate regions.

Far too many people believe there’s no downside to fighting global warming. I continually meet…

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HuffPo Entirely Delusional ….. Still Believes Snow Is A Thing Of The Past!!!!!

suyts space


This is hilarious.  You would have thought the ridicule the lunatics still get from their past idiotic statements would prevent them from repeating some of their more absurd babblings.  But, as we’ve come to know, Leftards don’t think very well.  Clearly, they’re too stupid to understand numbers, and now, it’s evident they can’t even understand it when you draw them pictures. 

Snow sports enthusiasts may need to transition into water or rock sports in the near future .

The effects of climate change can be easy to miss for some, — the changing global climate is impossible to ignore.

A new report from geosciences journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences may bolster some resort’s suggesting that by 2050, mountains in the Upper Colorado River Basin — which stretches across Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona — could cause the spring thaw to occur as many as 6 weeks earlier

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Earth Changing Extremities

UK Weather Alert: 95mph Winds And Tidal Surges

Storm Alert

Forecasters are warning that parts of Britain should be prepared for some of the worst weather conditions for 30 years

Autumn weather Oct 10th

Parts of the UK have been told to expect some of the worst weather conditions for 30 years as a combination of gale force winds and large waves threaten to bring “severe” flooding.

The Environment Agency and Met Office are predicting huge tidal surges that could see water levels breach sea defences along the east coast of England.

Forecasters have warned that sea levels in some places could be as high as in 1953’s devastating flooding – when 326 deaths in eastern counties of England and Scotland exposed weaknesses in Britain’s flood defences.

Train operators are asking commuters to prepare for delays and Scotrail has cancelled all trains before 7am on Thursday, with forecasters predicting 95mph winds and a dusting of snow…

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