Cosmic Ray Blues – Lunar Luminosity


Lunar Luminosity

Albedo is a reflection coefficient ranging from zero to one.

Albedo, or reflection coefficient, derived from Latin albedo “whiteness” (or reflected sunlight) in turn from albus “white,” is the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface.

It is the ratio of reflected radiation from the surface to incident radiation upon it.

Its dimensionless nature lets it be expressed as a percentage and is measured on a scale from zero for no reflection of a perfectly black surface to 1 for perfect reflection of a white surface.


Asteroid 433 Eros, for example, is quite dark with an albedo of 0.25.

Asteriod 433 Eros

The Moon is darker than 433 Eros with an albedo of around 0.12 or 0.136 [depending upon source].

The overall albedo of the Moon is around 0.12, but it is strongly directional and non-Lambertian, displaying also a strong opposition effect.

While such reflectance properties are different from…

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