HuffPo Entirely Delusional ….. Still Believes Snow Is A Thing Of The Past!!!!!

suyts space


This is hilarious.  You would have thought the ridicule the lunatics still get from their past idiotic statements would prevent them from repeating some of their more absurd babblings.  But, as we’ve come to know, Leftards don’t think very well.  Clearly, they’re too stupid to understand numbers, and now, it’s evident they can’t even understand it when you draw them pictures. 

Snow sports enthusiasts may need to transition into water or rock sports in the near future .

The effects of climate change can be easy to miss for some, — the changing global climate is impossible to ignore.

A new report from geosciences journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences may bolster some resort’s suggesting that by 2050, mountains in the Upper Colorado River Basin — which stretches across Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona — could cause the spring thaw to occur as many as 6 weeks earlier

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