The track of Xaver/Cyclone Bodil

Wednesday 4 December,  Xaver (red) is to the west of Iceland


By Saturday 7 December Xaver was predicted to be over Poland and Belarus. It looks to have travelled about 1 degree further North and West (see video) than the charts shown here which were +36 hours ahead.


The low shows as a fully formed feature around 18Z 4 December. In six hour frames it then moves approximately the following degrees east:

5 – 7 – 5 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1

What can be seen is how fast it moves as it slides past the Azores High and then meets the European highs which block its progress and eventually send it North again.

6 hour analysis charts 5 (00z)- 10 December 2013 (12z)










13120700_DWD_Analyse 13120706_DWD_Analyse 13120712_DWD_Analyse 13120718_DWD_Analyse 13120800_DWD_Analyse 13120806_DWD_Analyse 13120812_DWD_Analyse 13120818_DWD_Analyse 13120900_DWD_Analyse 13120906_DWD_Analyse 13120912_DWD_Analyse 13120918_DWD_Analyse 13121000_DWD_Analyse Since then it looks to have sunken south but is now North of Moscow. A secondary low  is North of the Black Sea dragging cold air in behind (the video above tracks it better). The last three frames show the modification of the flow over the British Isles as the high sinks South and pulls in cooler air from the continent. This bears out with local conditions today.



All charts taken from


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