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Booker is in form, as usual, as he talks about Nelson Mandela: media narratives are “fraudulent concoctions of artifice”, and a prime function of journalism, to see through them. The writer Nicholas Taleb has long sections attacking the narrative problem—our ‘crippling dislike for the abstract’ becomes the excuse for journalists to weave narratives and ‘convey the impression of causality’.The story of global warming is inextricably linked to the narrative.

In academic circles, it is openly conceded that global warming is imperceptible and ‘unobtrusive’ at human timescales. It is not ‘visible to the public except through the media’ (e.g., see page 28 here). While with all issues, newspapers educate their audience to some extent, nowhere as in global warming have newsmen so completely embraced the teacher’s role. And yet, as journalist, he or she is supposed to cross-question the same source, check its claims and report on it.

The compromising…

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Does Anybody Real Know What TSI It Is?

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I was generally trying to get ‘restarted’ after some changes at work increased my workload ( the two senior folks “moved on” leaving me as ‘most senior’…) and was looking for a new “muse”. Landed on an interesting paper by Habibullo. He thinks a new Little Ice Age is coming.

by Habibullo Abdussamatov | November 25, 2013
Source: Published Nestor-Istoriya, St. Petersburg, October 2013, ISBN 978-5-44690-122-7, –246 p., in Russian.

I had the pleasure to meet him once in Chicago. An energetic and focused man. One of those folks you meet and just KNOW they are meticulous and through. Someone who speaks the truth as they understand it, come what may. I like him.

So he thinks we enter a new little ice age about now as we come off the “top” of the present…

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Earth Changing Extremities


Subject To Change

Depth: 30 km

162 km SW of Gibraltar, Gibraltar / pop: 26,544 / local time: 08:06:20.0 2013-12-16
108 km W of Tangier, Morocco / pop: 688,356 / local time: 07:06:20.0 2013-12-16
84 km W of Asilah, Morocco / pop: 28,861 / local time: 07:06:20.0 2013-12-16

Global viewRegional view


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Eruption updates on Nishinoshima and Etna



The little Island of Nijima next to Nishinoshima Island on the Nishinoshima Seamount is steadily growing and is now around 400 by 250 meters. Previously the main growth have been away from the island of Nishinoshima so it looked kind of dubious that the islands would merge during this eruption.

Now there is though a lobe growing towards Nishinoshima, and if lava continues to run in that direction the islands should unify fairly fast. One should remember that the depth is least in the area between the Islands so any growth there would be faster than in any other direction. We will though quite simply have to wait and see if Nijima and Nishinoshima joins.

One thing is though clear, it does not seem like the eruption will end soon. Judging from the previous island forming eruption on the Nishinoshima Seamount and a few quite likely eruptions, the general…

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