BBC In Warmist Fantasyland


By Paul Homewood


h/t Doug Brodie


According to the report yesterday by the BBC on the trapped Akademik Shokalskiy:


An Australian ship also failed to penetrate the dense pack-ice that had fallen from a glacier and had been driven into normally-open ocean by strong winds”.


The report on BBC Radio 4 was filed by their Sydney correspondent, Phil Mercer, and is on BBC i-Player, about 28 minutes in.


There have been various attempts to blame the debacle on global warming, but this one really is nonsensical.

According to the expedition report, filed by the Guardian:

Direct access from the sea has been impossible for the past four years, however, ever since a 75-mile-long iceberg called B09B grounded itself in the entrance to Commonwealth Bay. A thick band of sea ice has since built up around the iceberg, sticking…

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