New Year Storms: Jetstream Finally Running Out of Puff?


Jetstream 12z analysis Sunday 5th January 2014
Image: California Regional Weather Server


Jetstream forecast Friday 10th January 2014

Before the lull we have a low to contend with which thankfully will not be deepening as it traverses North of the British Isles but will still be of great concern.

The Met Office has warned people to be prepared for more severe weather on Sunday and Monday.

Heavy rain and strong winds are predicted, falling on land already saturated by recent downpours.

Although Sunday started dry, heavy rain was predicted to sweep in across the country by mid morning.

The UK is enduring the worst series of winter storms in more than 20 years, weather experts have said

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Storm #Christine taken at 0224 5th January 2014


Storm #Christine taken at 1846 5th January 2014

Locally the last thing we need is more rain as the fields are quite flooded and the rivers look very threatening for miles around.


River Kennet, Reading Berkshire
Image: @MESchoolweather

However, the local flooding concerns are minor compared to other areas, or the coasts which are most at risk.


Phil Brewin ‏@waterlevels 24h Currymoor & Haymoor, River Tone #SomersetLevels #floods

Currymoor & Haymoor, River Tone #SomersetLevels #floods
Image: Phil Brewin @waterlevels

Nor forgetting the swollen seas


Sunday 5th January 2014 9pm GMT
Image: Magic Seaweed


Monday 6th January 2014 12pm GMT
Image: Magic Seaweed

“A large, deep depression in the Atlantic is whipping waves up out at sea on Sunday and these will come into western and southern coastal areas of the UK as a large swell on Monday,” the Met Office said.

“This, combined with waves driven by the winds in UK waters on Monday, will generate wave heights of 7-10m over parts of western Scotland, Wales and south-west England, and 3-7m in much of the English Channel and Irish Sea.” BBC UK storms: Warnings bring fresh coastal flood fears

Met Office Warnings

Sunday – Rain



Although Monday is highlighted, the detail is for Sunday 5th January

Monday – Wind




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