Since Records Began…


When we have collective amnesia with the weather and forget what has gone before, we get Climate Morons like CNN telling us the polar vortex (the current media buzz word) has been ‘discovered’

Or that the worst storms (or cold) in a couple of decades is a sign of climate change

This is a lovely antidote to the rising waves of Climate Morons and Ambulance Chasing Climate Vultures. Worth reading every word

On the Daily Politics yesterday they all said  that extreme weather events are happening more frequently now, despite there being only hearsay evidence for that claim. What is actually happening – those headlines don’t fill themselves you know – is that the weather is just being reported more frequently and with rising flood levels of hysteria. Why would DP’s guests go along with the idea? Well, because not one of them knows anything at all about it, but they are guided by ‘experts’ who tell them to spend, spend, spend on combatting the Quixotic windmills of AGW.  Far be it for me to mention the warmist morons stuck in the summer ice

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