We have reached the Nadir of the Age of Stupid


The only way is up. Met Office 5 year decadal forecast.

I came across this comment by PeterMG over at Verity Jones, Digging in the Clay. The earlier part of the comment regarding the politics of the PRP censorship are recommended also.

I think we have all come to the realisation that our understanding of climate change is nil and that we have to now start listening to all of the other ideas that are out there because one of them may hold the key. Certainly you are onto a hiding to nothing carrying on with back radiation drivel.
For me the last 6 months or so has been a period where I have had to come to terms with throwing out all I thought I knew and start embracing some new ideas. Things such as the expanding earth, no such thing as gravity, the electric universe and many other ideas are now offering better explanations for the things we observe in the universe that mainstream science struggles to explain, and when faced with maths that won’t add up we see mainstream science inventing things to plug the gap; Dark matter and Dark energy being the most prominent, rather than think our understanding of gravity is flawed. Much of what I thought was science I have now realised is just made up. Some of my posts on your blog I would now consider to be wrong and have no chance of being anywhere near the truth. But I guess this is the way of science and unless we are prepared to listen to all the ideas we will not move forward in our understanding.
I believe we have reached the nadir of the age of stupid, and the first signs that we are moving into the age of enlightenment, (or second age of reason that spurred the industrial revolution) are just beginning. The old order is crumbling and spats such as that we have just witnessed will become regular events as we search for the truth.

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