Met Office forecasting skill on show.

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In the document backing up Dame Slingo of Somerset’s reframing of weather as climate we find this gem:

Sea level along the English Channel has already risen by about 12cm in the last 100 years. With the warming we are already committed to over the next few decades, a further 11-16cm of sea level rise is likely by 2030. This equates to 23-27cm (9-10½ inches) of total sea level
rise since 1900.

(c)Crown Copyright 2014, Met Office, NERC

NOTE THAT MET-O has changed their wording a little: SEE UPDATE HERE:

Tim Channon has plotted this so we can take a look at what the MET Office is telling us:

See figure 1. Note units, 11-16cm  is  110 to 160 mm.


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