January 2014 Rainfall Not So Unusual

So much for the warm air (from co2) aloft in the atmosphere meme the MetO and especially Slingo have been banging on about every time we get something out of the ordinary. Interesting you point to the clusters Paul, noted that myself in recent lookbacks at wet periods. The 1929/30 period you highlighted for Slingo may have eased somewhat into spring 1930 but the MetO monthly summaries contained many ‘wet’ headlines into 1931. The 1852 affair was a 5 month episode (not looked at the period either side of that yet). I suppose this is a continuation of 2012, with a dry pause in 2013, before the overarching pattern resumes. Not sure if this links but some very deadly floods in China are clustered around the same periods e.g. 1930s) highlighted. Suggests superficially the jetstream moving from our locale but essentially doing the same thing in another part of the Northern Hemisphere. The major positive is many previous floods had deaths in the 4-6 figure region not double digits like now.


By Paul Homewood

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Before anybody gets carried away with claims of “record rainfall” that we keep hearing about in the UK, let’s consider the facts.

In the UK as a whole, January was only tie 17th wettest month since 1910, with 183.8mm.

Relatively speaking, last month was wetter in England & Wales, but even there it was only the 16th wettest month, on the England & Wales Series, dating back to 1766 . Last month recorded 184.6mm, well short of the wettest month on record, October 1903, which had 218.1mm.

The table below lists the wettest months on the England & Wales series.

Month Precipitation
Oct 1903 218.1
Nov 1852 202.5
Nov 1770 200.8
Nov 1940 196.5
Dec 1876 193.9
Aug 1912 192.9
Aug 1799 192.1
Nov 2009 192.1
Dec 1914 190.8
Sep 1918 189.5
Oct 2000 188.0
Sep 1799 186.8
Dec 1868 185.6
Sep 1797 185.4

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