Long Term Rainfall Trends In England & Wales


By Paul Homewood

As promised, an update on precipitation trends from the England & Wales Precipitation Series , dating back to 1766.

First the annual trends, with a 10-Year Running Average.


It’s a bit like reading tea leaves, and I have no doubt we’ll all read different things into this. But for me, the following things stand out:

  • 2012 was the wettest year in recent times, but only ranks third since 1766. The wettest year was 1872, followed by 1768.
  • Last year, at 917mm, was only 2mm above the mean for the period.
  • The current 10-Year average is not high by historical standards.
  • The 10-Year average hit a recent peak of 994 mm in 2002, but the wettest 10 years ran from 1874 – 1883, averaging 1017 mm a year.

Any sign that rainfall is on the increase? Not for me.

Seasonal Trends

I thought it worth looking at seasonal…

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Winter to Briefly Loosen Its Grip on the East


By Kristina Pydynowski

After the early week snowstorm, the eastern half of the United States will welcome a break from frigid temperatures this week. However, some flooding and severe weather are concerns.

The disruptive snow set to cross the Midwest and Northeast through Tuesday will not be followed by a blast of arctic air, which has been all to common this winter.

Instead, a stretch of above-normal temperatures will follow for the middle and latter part of this week across the eastern half of the U.S.

While those in the South will be able to do so, residents farther north should not get ready to break out the shorts.

The deep snowpack that has built up following the recent onslaught of storms will limit how much warming can take place in the Northeast and Midwest.

“The sun’s energy will first focus on melting the snow before warming up the lower…

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This wave appeared to the northwest ahead of the band of rain (radar screenshot below), moving on a southwest to northeast axis.


screengrab for Monday 17th February 2014

After a relatively quiet week, it looks like some more potent weather may return this weekend.