Long Term Rainfall Trends In England & Wales


By Paul Homewood

As promised, an update on precipitation trends from the England & Wales Precipitation Series , dating back to 1766.

First the annual trends, with a 10-Year Running Average.


It’s a bit like reading tea leaves, and I have no doubt we’ll all read different things into this. But for me, the following things stand out:

  • 2012 was the wettest year in recent times, but only ranks third since 1766. The wettest year was 1872, followed by 1768.
  • Last year, at 917mm, was only 2mm above the mean for the period.
  • The current 10-Year average is not high by historical standards.
  • The 10-Year average hit a recent peak of 994 mm in 2002, but the wettest 10 years ran from 1874 – 1883, averaging 1017 mm a year.

Any sign that rainfall is on the increase? Not for me.

Seasonal Trends

I thought it worth looking at seasonal…

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