Is Oxford Getting Wetter?


By Paul Homewood

Cities in World: Oxford (England)

The Radcliffe Meteorological Station, at the University of Oxford, claims to possess the longest series of temperature and rainfall records for one site in Britain. The station has kept continuous daily records since 1815, with irregular ones before that starting in 1767.

Oxford, of course, has been at the heart of some the most excessive rainfall this winter.

Oddly, though, the Met Office database only has records back to 1853. Using this, let’s take a look at the monthly precipitation trends, presented as a 120-Month Running Average.


Figure 1

  • The red line is the trend (and not the mean). It is, to all intents and purposes, flat.
  • There are peaks and troughs, but the current level is not out of line with many earlier periods.
  • The wettest period was during the 1870’s and 80’s.

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Mann and the Oxburgh Panel

Climate Audit

The Mann libel case has been attracting increasing commentary, including from people outside the climate community. Integral to Mann’s litigation are representations that he was “investigated” by 6-9 investigations, all of which supposedly gave him “exonerations” on wide-ranging counts, including “scientific misconduct”, “fraud”, “academic fraud”, “data falsification”, “statistical manipulation”, “manipulation of data” and even supposed findings that his work was “properly conducted an fairly presented”. Mann also represented that these investigations were widely covered in international and national media and thus known to Steyn and the other defendants.

In today’s post, I’ll look closely at the Oxburgh panel, one of the investigations cited in Mann’s pleadings. However, contrary to the claims in Mann’s litigation, not only did the Oxburgh panel not exonerate Mann, at their press conference, Oxburgh panelist David Hand, then President of the Royal Statistical Society, made very disparaging and critical comments about Mann’s work, describing it as…

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Blimey! Bad Weather In 1954! Surely That’s Not Possible


By Paul Homewood

h/t AC Osborn


From the “Extreme Weather Is Caused By CO2” Department:

Courtesy of C3 Headlines:

1954: A Bad Year of “Climate Change” – Natural Disasters Pummel Large Swaths of Globe, Again

1954-milkman UK floods

Humans are constantly faced with natural disasters, year after year.

Disasters have nothing to do with the witches of CO2 casting spells.

As this picture from the 1954 UK floods indicates, flooding in Britain just happens – no huge CO2 emissions needed. (more historical pics)

The following is a partial list of 1954 “climate change” disasters, au natural, from 60 years ago.

1954: Thames River Over 4 Feet Above Normal, Famous Eton Swamped

1954: Britain Hit With “Flood Havoc” – Gales, Snow Add To Misery

1954: Heaviest Snowfall In 15 Years From Blizzard Blankets Chicago

1954: No Survivors When Blizzard “Wrecks” Japanese Fishing Fleet

1954: Worst Blizzard In Turkey In Over 40 Years…

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Matt Ridley: The Sceptics are Right so don’t Scapegoat Them

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Climate sanity from Matt Ridley via GWPF


There is no evidence, Mr Miliband, Lord Stern and others, that our floods and storms are related to climate change

In the old days we would have drowned a witch to stop the floods. These days the Green Party, Greenpeace and Ed Miliband demand we purge the climate sceptics.

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