Is Oxford Getting Wetter?


By Paul Homewood

Cities in World: Oxford (England)

The Radcliffe Meteorological Station, at the University of Oxford, claims to possess the longest series of temperature and rainfall records for one site in Britain. The station has kept continuous daily records since 1815, with irregular ones before that starting in 1767.

Oxford, of course, has been at the heart of some the most excessive rainfall this winter.

Oddly, though, the Met Office database only has records back to 1853. Using this, let’s take a look at the monthly precipitation trends, presented as a 120-Month Running Average.


Figure 1

  • The red line is the trend (and not the mean). It is, to all intents and purposes, flat.
  • There are peaks and troughs, but the current level is not out of line with many earlier periods.
  • The wettest period was during the 1870’s and 80’s.

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