US Tornado Report – 2013


By Paul Homewood


The US tornado data has now been confirmed for last year, and once again I have to correct the highly misleading (and, in my view, deliberately so) graph, put up by NOAA, which I show above.

Anybody looking at this would immediately jump to the conclusion that, although last year was a bit lower than in the recent past, there had been a steady rise in tornado numbers since 1950. Bear in mind that many people never get beyond the headlines.

So, to put the record straight. Many, many more tornadoes get to be recorded these days than even 20 years ago, never mind 60 years. This is because of a revolution in methods of observation and reporting over the years. For instance, Doppler radar was only fully introduced in the late 1990’s. Other factors involve increasing population, tornado spotters, mobile phones, and development of spotter…

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