ren: How did the polar vortex lock?

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Guest post from commenter ‘ren’ a friend from Poland with a strong interest in meteorology and some interesting ideas on the relationship between solar activity, cosmic rays, ozone levels and stratospheric pressure systems.

How did the polar vortex lock?
by ‘ren’ on 23-2-2014

In October 2013 there was a decrease in solar activity, as evidenced by the growth of cosmic rays at that time.


This decline resulted in a short-term rise in temperature in the stratosphere, the ozone zone.


As a result, the temperature rise was halted polar vortex, which is picking up speed in the winter. View.

It is interesting that the inhibition occurred only over eastern Siberia, which indicates that over the area changes in solar activity caused the greatest effect. Smaller solar activity means an increase of ionizing radiation over the Arctic Circle, which in turn affects the reactions taking place in the area of ​​the…

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