“We have forgotten just how normal flooding in the UK is”


By Paul Homewood

With much attention on recent floods, it is worth reposting my report on a study by Professor Stuart Lane of Durham University in 2008.

The study found that the period from the 1960’s to 1990’s had been an unusually dry one, thus leading planners to underestimate the risk of flooding.

This is the News Release from Durham University:

Last summer was the second wettest on record and experts who have studied rainfall and river flow patterns over 250 years say we must prepare for worse to come. Professor Stuart Lane, from Durham University’s new Institute of Hazard and Risk, says that after about 30 to 40 less eventful years, we seem to be entering a ‘flood-rich’ period. More flooding is likely over a number of decades.

Prof. Lane, who publishes his research in the current edition of the academic journal Geography, set out to examine the…

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