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Bob Ward says I uttered a “a number of inaccurate and misleading statements” when I appeared before a UK parliamentary committee in January 2014. His accusations have no basis in fact.


Ward is the Communications Director of both the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy. I am mentioned by name in paragraphs 1 and 2 of the third page of Ward’s five-page submission – dated February 2014 and available here. My written response to Ward’s false allegations is here (3 pages). Some things worth noticing:

  • Ward cites only one instance of an alleged inaccuracy on my part.
  • It is impossible for me to defend myself against the sweeping allegation that I have uttered “a number of inaccurate and misleading statements” if my accuser can’t…

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Sea Level Rise Slowing Down Around The UK’s Coast


By Paul Homewood

NOAA have an interesting new toy, for analysing tidal gauge data. They use the same data as the PSMSL, the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level, which is based in Liverpool, but have some good graphing options.

Let’s take a look at the three long running stations in the UK, that NOAA list.




We see that the rate of sea level rise ranges between 0.72mm and 1.91mm a year. It is worth noting the the land is rising by about 0.5mm a year in Aberdeen, and sinking by a similar amount at Newlyn. There is little change at North Shields.



When taking the land movements into account, the sea level rises seem to be broadly in line with global trends in the past century, of about 6-7 inches.

But NOAA also have graphs, which show how the trends are changing. They define it thus:

Linear mean…

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Climate Alarmism Increases Insurance Industry Profits – Warren Buffett


By Paul Homewood



I really can’t add to this :

From CNS:

Any climate alarmist will tell you that climate change is increasing extreme weather events, but liberal billionaire Warren Buffett easily destroyed that argument.

Buffett told CNBC March 3, that extreme weather events haven’t increased due to climate change, saying that weather events are consistent with how they were 30-50 years ago. Buffett, who is heavily invested in various insurance markets, said that climate change alarmism has simply made hurricane insurance more profitable, driving up premiums without increasing risk.

Buffett said the supposed increase in extreme weather “hasn’t been true so far, Joe. We always think it’s cold. We always think it’s cold in Omaha. But, it was cold in Omaha 50 years ago.”

CNBC’s Becky Quick asked Buffett on March 3’s “Squawk Box” if extreme weather events have increased, affecting insurance markets. Buffett responded that “the effects…

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Cameron’s Claim Not Supported By Evidence

So it’s official. Climate change policy is effectively based upon looking out the window 🙂


By Paul Homewood



Readers will recall that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, replying to a question about recent wet weather at PM questions in January, replied:

“I agree with you that we are seeing more abnormal weather events. Colleagues across the House can argue about whether that is linked to climate change or not. I very much suspect that it is.”

So I fired off this FOI request to the Department of Energy & Climate Change:

Please advise:

1) What evidence the PM has that “abnormal events are increasing”

2) What evidence he has that the recent bad weather is in any way “abnormal”

On Feb 3rd, DECC replied that they did not hold this information, and suggested I contact the Cabinet Office, which I duly did.

I have just received their reply:


In other words, they are admitting there is no evidence at all that recent weather was…

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