Wet Winters!

The weather (and seasons) must obey the Met Office dictats stopping abruptly on the 1st of the designated month.

Personally I view the year in two six month blocks roughly bisected by the equinoxes. Even then mother nature pays scant attention to my whims! 😉


By Paul Homewood

I have been drawing attention, with great regularity recently, to the comparison of this winter’s rainfall with October to January periods in earlier years.

It has been suggested that this is not a meaningful comparison, and that I should not describe periods starting in October or November as “winter months”.

The first thing to bear in mind is that serious scientists use the well established concept of hydrological years, which start in October, as the traditional concept of calendar years and seasons is irrelevant as far as precipitation is concerned.

Water UK, the water industry body, for instance, have this to say:

The ‘Hydrological New Year’ occurs on 1st October (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it’s the point when the hydrological cycle is in balance. After 1st October rainfall starts to fill up the water reserves in the ground, until 1st April (middle point of the…

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