Lunar Cycles, more than one…

Musings from the Chiefio

There are many different Lunar Cycles. I think they are involved in how the weather cycles over various time frames. So I’m just going to be ‘taking some notes’ here, so that I don’t have to keep running all over the place when I want to see if some other thing matches one of these lunar cycles.

The first, and most basic, is just that the Moon orbits the Earth so we have phases of the moon. Though even that isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. “Why?” is interesting. See, the Moon never goes “retrograde”. It’s always moving forward, but just goes slower on one side than on the other. The Earth and Moon are in a ‘one way dance’ speeding up and slowing down, but always moving forward. That, btw, is also part of why I think we are really a “two planet system” rather than a planet…

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