How Reliable Are Temperature Records In Africa?


By Paul Homewood


According to GISS, Africa is one of the fastest warming places on Earth, with last year being anywhere between 0.5C and 2C warmer than the 1951-80 baseline.

But just how reliable is the data there? Let’s take a closer look at East Africa, and, in particular, Tanzania.

There are just four GHCN stations there currently reporting, i.e. the ones used by GISS. These are listed below.

Location Population
x 1000
Airport Brightness
Date Range
Mwanza 700 10 1923-2014
Tabora 227 Y 1893-2014
Dar es Salaam 4364 Y 13 1949-2014
Songea 130 Y 1949-2014

So straightaway we find that there are no rural sites, using population as an indicator, and three of the sites are airport based.

To allow for UHI effect, GISS rely on Brightness to determine if a site is rural or not, with Dark = Rural. The Brightness Index runs from 0…

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