Flooding strikes major roads in Ogun, Lagos, Nigeria

A very interesting story, thanks Yamkin. Shows the need to continually invest in infrastructures to cope with an ever changing climate…as our ancestors have done for millennia. We may get long benign periods but it’s sheer lunacy to believe that it will last or that we can keep it that way.

Only one new reservoir was built in London in the last 100yrs despite the droughts at the turn of the century. Building more makes better sense than throwing all our eggs in the perpetual ‘Mediterranean’ droughts scenario basket which has now morphed into whatever Slingo decides to link to more ‘moisture in the atmosphere’ (I.e. whatever weather we have that causes some degree of hardship – that’s it! Flooding? More of that. Cold? More of that. Heat? More of that. Saharan sands? More of that. Flying pigs? More of that…and it’s all your fault! )

The old way in years of plenty, years of famine – we prepared for the reverse. It makes more sense than believing that keeping CO2 under 450ppmv (I thought it was 350 – hence my somewhat ironic moniker) will avert a litany of apocalyptic scenarios that exist only in the minds of a doom cult who just happen to be paid by the prophesy.

Earth Changing Extremities

Flood Alert
IT was in the evening, after a downpour that lasted for less than one hour, thousands of residents and motorists were seen having a hard time making their way through a large pool of water that had cut an entire expressway into two.
That was at Ojuore area of Ogun State, which is just a few metres away from Sanngo Ota, which is highly regarded as one of the economic nerve centres of the state.
Water reaching knee level in some sections was seen covering the entire express road leading to Idiroko area of the state.
Saturday Tribune which monitored the development witnessed chaotic traffic situation that made hundreds of people to be stranded at various bus stops, while many others were seen wading through the murky water on the road.
But, according to information gathered, the problem has been in existence for years while all…

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