More tabloid climatology: gloom and doom about the jet stream, winters, and global warming

Watts Up With That?

tabloid_climatology_onlyyou From the University of Utah , an argument that makes you wonder “what started it 4000 years ago”? Looking at another similar study , Joltin Joe Romm called that study Bombshell: Study Ties Epic California Drought, ‘Frigid East’ To Manmade Climate Change

While they focus on the recent winter as being an example of this errant jet stream pattern and persistent ridges,  they completely ignore an almost identical pattern in the winters of 1977/78 before global warming was even a funding twinkle in James Hansen’s eye.

In 1977, a nearly identical pattern set up with warmth in Alaska, drought in California, and cold in Florida. Arctic sea ice was near a peak at the time. (h/t Steve Goddard)

ScreenHunter_227 Apr. 15 15.39

ScreenHunter_226 Apr. 15 15.38

The Lewiston Journal – Google News Archive Search

Warm US West, cold East: A 4,000-year pattern

Global warming may bring more curvy jet streams during winter

SALT LAKE CITY, April 16, 2014…

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NASA mimics Einstein-esque paradox twin experiment


Separated for a full year, close friends of ISSET, NASA astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly will make it possible for future astronauts to travel farther than ever before, and still look forward to happy reunions when they return home.


In March 2015, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will join cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko on a one-year mission to the International Space Station. Their lengthy stay aims to explore the effects of long-term space flight on the human body.

“We already know that the human immune system changes in space. It’s not as strong as it is on the ground,” explains Craig Kundrot of NASA’s Human Research Program at the Johnson Space Centre. “In one of the experiments, Mark and Scott will be given identical flu vaccines, and we will study how their immune systems react.”

Although NASA’s Human Research Program has been researching the effects of spaceflight on the human body for…

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Germany’s Reliance On Coal

Wise decision by the Germans:

Ontario goes coal-free: Toronto suffers a blackout within 24 hours



By Paul Homewood


As I mentioned last week, Germany is continuing with its plan to build a heap of new coal power stations. Although some of the older power stations may be closed down, it is clear that coal will remain a vital part of Germany’s power supply for many years to come.

But, the other side of the coin is often forgotten, and that is the importance of the coal industry itself to the German economy.

According to the World Coal Association, in 2012 (the latest year that stats are available for) Germany ranked the 8th largest producer of coal.


And nearly all of this is lignite, generally recognised as the dirtiest coal.


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Great Lakes Obliterates All Records For Mid-April Ice

Impressive! Found a good paper for before this period

‘A Historical perspective of the 1976-77 Lake Michigan Ice Cover” R. A. Assel and F. H. Quinn (1979):

“the winter of 1976–77 was one of the four coldest in the past 80 years. The analysis also shows that the past 15–20 winters have been colder than the normal established by the 80-year data base.”

Real Science

This graph gives a good feel for how uniquely cold the weather has been in the midwest this year. Great Lakes ice cover is more than double the previous record.


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Dr Roy Spencer on the ‘unnatural’ causes of warming

With such a high degree of statistical significance, we must act to stop the ‘dirty’ aliens 😉

Between 1979 and 2011 the number of UFO reports has been increasing right along with the average temperature of the upper 700 meters of ocean:


The correlation between UFO reports and ocean temperature is over 0.95, clearly better than the correlation between that boring old carbon dioxide and ocean warming:


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Climate Experts Locate The Root Of All Evil

Warning: Avoid Joe Romm if you have a nut allergy 😀

Real Science

Joe Romm reported today that missing Arctic sea ice caused the cold winter in the East, and the California drought. This stunning new research is worth a closer look. In fact you may need a magnifying glass to find the missing ice, which controls all evil things on the planet.

ScreenHunter_229 Apr. 15 21.55

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