Climate Lunacy : Brightening the Moon to reduce CO2

A possible PR exercise?


Reduction of CO₂ emissions

• 1 street light = 120kg of CO₂ per year [2] and there are 30 million street lights in the US [3]
• The US produces 3.6 million tons of CO₂ emissions as a result of street lights every year
• Europe releases over 40 million tons of CO₂ from powering street lights every year (equivalent to powering 20 million cars) [4]

Think of how much individual people, as well as entire nations, could save on electricity costs, and how much the strain on struggling economies could be eased. Furthermore, think of how much CO₂ would be prevented from being released into the atmosphere, and what effect that would have on the environment and global warming – all from removing the need for street lights.


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