Guardian reading Eco Geeks need to smell the coffee

I noticed a ‘How green are you’ test on the Guardian website.  It’s quite telling that if you don’t agree with them you are a ‘village idiot’.

I tried to take the test but it doesn’t work well on my Android phone meaning I was unable to answer some questions.


Most is common sense stuff but I fail to see knowing how much energy comes from costly,  unreliable renewables makes you ‘Fit for the Future’. Regressive comes more to mind when you consider that the ‘danger’ is a theoretical one that exists only in computer models built around the group think assumptions of Guardian reading eco geeks

‘It seems that our current mitigation efforts seem to be producing no vast improvement in carbon emissions – in fact an increase in our carbon footprint – burning more coal, increased fuel poverty, driving investment away from this country to elsewhere where power is cheaper, raising the prospect of blackouts and general environmental damage.’

IPCC lead author and Professor of Economics Richard Tol, who wanted his name removed after political interference with the Summary for Policy Makers (SPM), said this today

Both climate change and climate policy hit the poorest the hardest.

But then again what do we conspiracy theory addled neanderthal skeptics know?

More than Guardian reading eco-gits anyday

Massive Data Tampering In New Hampshire Hides The Decline

Real Science

NCDC shows that New Hampshire is warming very quickly

ScreenHunter_363 Apr. 23 06.19

The thermometer data that NCDC uses shows the exact opposite – New Hampshire is actually cooling.

ScreenHunter_362 Apr. 23 06.16

NCDC accomplishes this magic feat by cooling New Hampshire’s past more than three degrees.

ScreenHunter_357 Apr. 22 19.36

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Some hype sorting on the claim that Asian pollution is intensifying Pacific Storms

Watts Up With That?

Is Asian Pollution Intensifying Pacific Storms? Separating the Hype from Reality.

By Cliff Mass

The media over the past week have given a lot of play to a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)  that claims that Asian pollution is enhancing storms over the Pacific Ocean, with effects extending globally.

We are talking headlines in hundreds of major media sources around the world.  As illustrated below, the headlines have been pretty scary.  But as I will show below, the PNAS paper really proves no such thing and this situation is another example of unhealthy and counterproductive hype and exaggeration in the media.

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Climatologist Judith Curry levels both barrels against alarmist climate science

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

Alarmist claims: inference from incomplete, inadequate and ambiguous observations

Climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry has recently posted a number of sharply worded essays providing stinging critical rebukes of assertions of climate harm by alarmists derived from biased and highly selective reading of the UN IPCC AR5 reports.

In an April 21 posting she says the following regarding the so called ‘facts’ cited by climate alarmists to try to make a case for man made climate harm:

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Wild hailstorm destroys scores of houses near Inle Lake, Myanmar

Earth Changing Extremities

Hail Formation Alert
A farmer at Tha Lae Oo village was quoted as saying he “had never experienced such a phenomenon in his lifetime”.
I22.04.14 nle Lake

The Shan State government has donated K4.6 million (about US$4,800) to victims of a powerful hailstorm that destroyed or damaged more than 140 homes near Inle Lake on April 17, the state’s Intha Ethnic Affairs Minister U Win Myint told Mizzima on April 21.

U Win Myint said K30,000 had been donated to each of the 142 households affected by the storm. He said K100,000 each had also been donated to a monastery and a middle school damaged by the storm.

Several villages were hit by the storm with the worst affected being Tha Lae Oo, where 99 houses were destroyed, he said.

At least 50 acres of paddy and 80 acres of tomatoes were destroyed, he said. There were also reports of damage to peanut crops.

A farmer…

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